Real Estate

Crowning Touch Real Estate ServicesWe have recently expanded our service menu to include a realty division. It was a natural and planned expansion, the final piece of our business model. So often we would be contacted by someone who was planning a move but still did not have a realtor or even know who to call. We are transferring the confidence our clients already accord Crowning Touch, when it comes to moving and selling their estate items, to Charlie Hanks, a broker with 32 years of experience. Charlie has joined our team and is poised to provide the same exemplary attention to service that has distinguished every dimension of Crowning Touch.

Experience the difference!

We specialize in selling homes AS IS.

What We Do For You

  1. Your home is inspected, evaluated and a target value determined.
  2. We obtain a key and install a temporary lockbox. (This is to gain access for estimates from contractors, minor repairs and renovations.)
  3. Homes are then scheduled to be emptied to broom clean condition.
  4. Approved estimates would facilitate minor repairs such as wood floors refinished and/or carpet/vinyl being replaced and touch-up paint needed for optimal showing.
  5. Our goal is your goal: To price your property accordingly so that a maximum price can be achieved, that fits your time frame and needs.
  6. Once the property is sold, every detail will be addressed and managed. As we proceed toward closing, you will be informed of the progress and eventually be given a date and time when settlement will occur. All documents are reviewed by our broker prior to settlement to assure accuracy. Owners will have the option to be mailed settlement documents for signatures or closing in person.